Suvidha International Organization

Suvidha International Foundation is a non-profit, educational, and humanitarian organization that is partnering with International Association for Human Values (IAHV) and Overseas Volunteers for Better India (OVBI) to empower villages in India–by educating children; providing leadership and vocational training for youth and women; instilling holistic health through yoga, meditation, and other healthy practices; creating awareness on personal health and hygiene; providing organic farming training to farmers; and implementing water conservation projects. 

Why This is Important

A majority of places in India–including the Telugu States–are forced to rely on rain water for irrigation. Because of the lack of water, they have been facing severe water crises for many years. By partnering with OVBI and other non-profits, Suvidha International Organization has ambitions to eliminate water poverty in several villages in the Telugu States by constructing dams, checking on pre-existing dams, recharging structures, farming ponds, helping farmers afforest agricultural lands, and soaking pits.

Suvidha plans to invest one-third of its funds into each of these sectors: educational projects, water initiatives, and the rest for other activities

Current Projects

Suvidha has currently adopted one village (Astanagurthy in Khammam District) in Telangana and another village (Sammetavari Gudem in West Godavari District) in Andhra Pradesh. Aiming to help these villages for three to five years by introducing water poverty elimination projects and other selective service projects, Suvidha aims to alleviate their hardships.   

Information About the Founder

With the support of like-minded friends, Bhaskar Vempati founded Suvidha International, an organization with the vision to adopt and empower villages in the Telugu States, Telangana, and Andhrapradesh. He is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the CEO/President of the foundation and is responsible for managing and executing Suvidha’s charitable projects in the Telugu States. Bhaskar has been volunteering for over ten years for several non-profit organizations including Art of Living, Overseas Volunteer for Better India, Annapoorna USA Foundation, ManBadi Telugu School, as well as the Indian Association of Sacramento.  Along with a few of his friends, Bhaskar has helped several students complete their professional education in the Telegu States. More recently, Bhaskar led a village adoption project in Telangana through the Back to the Roots Organization and helped the Astanagurthy village in Telangana by completing several developmental works. 

A Summary of Our Vision

Creating self-sustainable model villages by

  • Educating the public (especially children)
  • Grooming socially responsible leaders
  • Training youth and women with vocational practices
  • Promoting awareness of health and hygiene
  • Instilling holistic health through yoga, meditation, and other practices
  • Fostering organic and sustainable farming methods
  • Eliminating water poverty
    • Water poverty to Water Surplus for rural India by 2030
    • Complete water capacity building for 500 villages in India by the year 2020 and 5000 villages in India by the year 2023


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

contact@suvidhainternational.org or bhaskarvempati@gmail.com