Water Projects

River Rejuvenation Water Projects in Andhra Pradesh

Partnering with Overseas Volunteers for a Better India, OVBI, International Association for Human Values, IAHV and Vyakthi Vikas Kendra India, VVKI, Suvidha International Foundations supports river rejuvenation projects in six districts of Andhra Pradesh, Kadapa, Anantapur, Chittoor, Kurnool, Srikakulam, and Prakasam. 

Our new campaign is to adopt a village for $2,500. Your contribution will transform a water-poverty village into a water-plenty village by 2024. You can either adopt a village or partially contribute to the water project Here. The flyer is below.

The proposed project of over 300 crores utilizes a comprehensive and scientific watershed management approach to implement managed aquifer recharge in order to improve groundwater levels and rejuvenate the rain-fed rivers that will bring back the glory of the riverine ecosystem. The project also involves eco-restoration, which includes educating farmers, tree plantation on the river banks, greening the hillocks, and involving the communities to understand the importance of preserving, conserving, and keeping the water free of chemical dumps. The project engages and involves the communities in six districts through trained youth and women volunteer leaders throughout the three-year project duration.

The project is going to build 33,000 plus micro structures including boulder checks, recharge wells, recharge borewells, water pools and subsurface dykes.

River Rejuvenation Water Projects in Karnataka

Overseas Volunteers for a Better India, OVBI and Vyakthi Vikas Kendra India (VVKI) are driving water projects in Karnataka. Suvidha International Foundations is supporting the river rejuvenation projects in ten villages of the Tumkuru district.